Red Hawk Ridge Men's

 Golf Club





ELEGABILITY: Any member of the Red Hawk Ridge Men's Golf Club that signs up for $25.  There will be a gross and net catagory, please note which you will be playing.  All the fees collected will be returned as prize money by catagory.

QUALIFYING ROUNDS:  The scores from the following events will be used in the Ringer Round Scoring.  April 23, May 7, May 21, June 4, June 18, July 9 & 10, August 13 & 14, August 27, and September 11.  You do not have to play in all events, but only scores from the events played will be used in the Ringer Round.

SCORING:  The Ringer Round score will be an 18 hole total based on the best score for each hole.  If you play in all the qualifying rounds you will have played Hole 1 twelve times.  Your best score of the twelve times will be your Ringer Round score for Hole 1.

WINNING:   The low five Ringer Round scores will earn prize money.