Red Hawk Ridge Men's

 Golf Club


ELIGIBILITY: All members of the Red Hawk Ridge Men's Golf Club.


POINTS: All players can qualify for the Ryder Cup by participating in any of the club events.  10 points will be awarded for each Tournament round played.  The Member/Guest and  Club Championship are two rounds each. 


The MAJORS are the  Low Gross/Low Net individual events May 4th, June 1st, June 15th, August 24th, the Club Championship (each day scored separately) and the Stableford.  Players will be awarded 1 point for every player they beat regardless of flights normalized to a top score of 100.  There are seven major rounds and the best four will count for the Ryder Cup Points.  Stableford players beat is based on points not strokes.


EXAMPLE MAJOR SCORING: There are 60 players.  In the gross category you beat 30 players, you will get the 10 points for playing and 70 points for players beat for a total of 80 points gross.  In the net category you beat 59 players, you get the 10 points for playing and 99 points for players beat for a total of 109 points net. 


Ryder Cup Participants: The 28 Participants in the Ryder Cup will be:

        Top 10 Gross point players

        Top 14 Net point players

Four bracket winners in the Match Play Tournament

If player cannot play the next eligible player in line will be selected.  If Player qualifies both Top Gross and Net the Higher ranking will be used to determine qualifying spot.


Ryder Cup Teams: There will be two Ryder Cup Teams.  The team Captains will be the two players with the two highest gross points.  The Captains will draft their team players from the participants.  The Team captains will set the pairings and matches for each round.


Ryder Cup Format: The two Ryder Cup Teams will compete against each other in Four Match Play format rounds.

 - First round will be a Modified Chapman Scotch.  Both Partners tee off; Partners then switch and hit the others ball on the second shot; From there partners decide which is better and play alternate shot for the rest of the hole.
 - Second Round will be an alternate shot
 - Third Round will be a 2 Man Best Ball
 - Fourth round will be individual match play
Scoring: The winning team in each match will earn 1point.  One Half Point will be awarded to each team in the event of a tie.  The Team with the most points is the Winner.
Winning: The winning team will be recognized on a trophy located in the Red Hawk Ridge Club House.